Susanna Liller

Founder, Ruby Slippers

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Consultant, coach, speaker and award-winning author, Susanna Liller, is here to show every woman, a.k.a. heroine, how to get to her happy ending. Her book, You Are a Heroine, teaches the steps of the Heroine's Journey, a road to empowerment that has been well documented in stories. Susanna's mission is to educate women that this road isn't just make-believe. It's real and it's how women evolve into their full potential. Susanna helps to guide heroines on their way. She shows them their lives through the lens of the Journey and their self-perception is transformed. They learn that they are, indeed, powerful heroines. And the world needs all the powerful heroines it can get!

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The Purpose Beyond the Purpose

October 11, 2019, 06:30 PM
Tara R. Alemany Lionel Binnie Mark Gerber Esther Wallace Susanna Liller