Jane R. Wood

President, Florida Kids Press B.A. University of Florida M.Ed University of North Florida Former Middle School and High School English Teacher Past-President, Florida Authors & Publishers Association

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Jane R. Wood is the author of five award-winning juvenile fiction books where she weaves history and science into stories filled with mystery, adventure, and humor for young readers ages 8-14. Students like her books because they’re fun—teachers like them for their educational value.

Wood has also written a book for authors who want to sell their books to schools. In "Schools: A Niche Market for Authors," Wood shares many of the strategies she has used for more than 15 years to market and sell her books to schools.

Wood is a former teacher, newspaper reporter, and television producer, who often presents at book festivals, conferences for writers and publishers, and at education conferences.

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Schools as a Niche Market for Authors

October 09, 2019, 08:30 PM
Jane R. Wood